About Lois

Lois Jane Wiseman is an award winning Glasgow based jewellery designer hailing from the North East of Scotland. She completed a Ba(Hons) in Jewellery Design and Related Products at the world renowned School of Jewellery in Birmingham.


Since graduating in 2017 her work has been exhibited around the UK and Europe. She has completed an Artist in Residency at The Glasgow School of Art and has been invited to lecture at UK universities. She is currently Lead Tutor at Vanilla Ink Jewellery School, where she also has her own space for creating her enamel and silver works. 

Lois draws inspiration from the geometry found in everyday life. In her sketchbooks, she uses collage and mark making, which she then translates into her jewellery. Bold colours fuel Lois' design process, inspiring her to create lightweight statement pieces using powdered or liquid enamels with graphite illustrations on steel.

Images by Julian Bailey 


United Kingdom